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BS Fitter (M/F) - Germany

Job Impulse - Trabalho Temporário
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Descrição da Empresa

Job Impulse é uma empresa Internacional com atuação na área de Recursos humanos. Com paixão e inteligência unimos pessoas e trabalho, atuando assim como uma ligação entre a oferta e a procura do mercado de trabalho. Conhecendo as necessidades e desejos dos nossos clientes e candidatos podemos contribuir para o seu êxito.

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Detalhe da Função

Job Impulse is a multinational company in Human Resources and at this moment we have an international recruitment for one client in Germany:

- BS Fitter


- Quality inspection of panels and materials before using

- Reading required technical specifications and drawings

- Preparation of panels (cleaning, foam, inserts, edge fill) acc. to valid drawings

- Bonding and assembly of galleys, doors, boxes

- Reporting directly to the Team Leader on any issues regarding manufacturing, control and deviations from customer / design specifications

- Compliance with health and safety regulations ensuring that PPE provided is worn

- Any issues related to safety or product to be reported to team leader or Quality Manager

- Keep cleanness, tidiness and order in the workplace

- Any other duties deemed reasonable by the company management


- Finished Training institution in engineering industry (joiner/cabinet maker or similar professions)

- Former working experience in joiner area

- Knowledge of technical documentation reading

- Domain of the English languge

- Accuracy, reliability

- Possibilty to work with epoxid glue (no allergy or asthma)

Please send your application in English.

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