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Bank Advisor-Danish,Finnish,Norwegi an,Swedish(M/F

Descrição da Empresa

GET THE JOB - The Marketing Recruitment Company

We are the first Portuguese Marketing Recruitment Company. To find the best talents we use social and digital marketing practices and strategies. We do it fast, affordable and scalable.

- Talent discovery and attraction;

- Volume recruitment done right;

- The right candidate to the right company.


For Sales, Retail, Utilities, Telco's, IT, Health Care and Digital Marketing.

Registada há 4 anos no SAPO Emprego 57430 ofertas anunciadas nos últimos 6 meses

Detalhe da Função

We all had a small piggy bank. Well not all of us in piggy format, but ... a piggy bank!

When we started to see all those coins that our parents or grandparents were giving us (we think we have thousands of money when, in fact, we have 10€ with luck), we start to think about the amount of sweets or toys that we can buy with that.

Of course, with age, priorities change and, (we hope!), the amount of money too. At this stage the type of piggy bank will be different and we have to rely on a safe bank that is always available for our queries.

This is where we need you! 

We want you, through a helpline, to answer all the questions inherent to a bank. From giving information about to services and products that the customers may ask for, to clarifying and resting customers on issues that may arise.

For this role, we need you to have a native level between Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, or Danish and a minimum C1 of English.

You will be working in Alcântara 40 hours per week on a rotational shift pattern from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 7pm. We also need you to be available 24/7 during the weekends because, in this bank, your money is being safely kept at all times of the day!

Do you have a helping spirit? Send your CV :)

Pesquise também por: Danish  |  Finnish  |  Norwegian  |  Swedish


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