Lead Scrubber Specialist (M/F) | Lisbon

Lead Scrubber Specialist (M/F) | Lisbon

Descrição da Empresa

Criada em 2016, a Get The Job recruta e selecciona o melhor talento para as melhores e mais interessantes Organizações.

Descrição da Função

Founded in 2016, Get the Job recruits and selects the best talent for the most exciting and reputable organizations. Don’t you miss the days when tv was colourless, there were no video games to play and online shopping was a distant prospect? No? Well, me neither. Fortunately times have changed and we can now enjoy the benefits of technology, which makes our lives much easier. Are you ready to embark on a journey where every day is a step into the technological future? Welcome to the largest vendor of computer software in the world. Join an american multinational company that provides cloud computing services, video games, computer and gaming hardware and other online services. Your mission will be maintaining a high-quality database by performing various tasks such as data validation, verification of the accuracy and validity of contact information, attracting potential clients and assessing the relevance and quality of leads based on specific criteria, which is essential for targeted and effective marketing campaigns. You only need to be fluent in English (C2) and have previous experience in digital advertising, market research, or sales. This workplace, where innovation meets adventure, is located in Entrecampos, in Lisbon, and your schedule is from Monday to Sunday from 15h00 to 00h00, 8 hours per day with an additional lunch hour break. This company is committed to developing the knowledge of its employees, offering a training program around 15 working days, 8 hours per day. The future is now, and it’s waiting for you! Send us your resume

  • Lisbon
  • English
  • Marketing


  • Lisboa, Portugal
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