Troubleshooting Support - Health Device - Lisbon (M/F)

Troubleshooting Support - Health Device - Lisbon (M/F)

Descrição da Empresa

Criada em 2016, a Get The Job recruta e selecciona o melhor talento para as melhores e mais interessantes Organizações.

Descrição da Função

Lena, a young woman with diabetes, had been struggling with technical issues with her diabetes device. One day, while she was discussing her concerns with a friend at a coffee shop, a stranger named Mark approached Lena with a kind smile and offered to help. He had experience with the device and knew how to troubleshoot . " How did you know how to troubleshoot the device so quickly?" - Asked Lena. "Well... I work at the Technical Support Line of this device , so this was another day at the office" - Mark responds with a friendly smile. Want to be the Mark of this story? Well our client has developed the device that Lena was using and allows diabetic people to measure their levels without having to sting their skin and they’re looking for someone to help their customers with any doubts and questions the might have about their device with technical help and troubleshooting , all through email or phone, always in English! Are you ready to help? It is mandatory that you have previous technical support experience (6 months to a year ,minimum) , a smile in your voice, and a C1/C2 level of English. And, as best things come last (and in pairs) ,you’ll have access to private health insurance AND you can choose your schedule. You can choose to work 8 hour rotating shifts between 10:00 P.M to 7:00 A.M or you can choose to work 8 hour rotating shifts between 12h00 and 1h00 in Entrecampos. Are you with us ? Send us your resume!

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  • Lisboa, Portugal